About Coatue Companies

In the spirit of growth and resilience, Cedar, Heron, Harbor, and Acorn unite to form a company dedicated to fostering innovation and sustainable success

Rooted in the strength of cedar, guided by the wisdom of the heron, and anchored in the stability of a harbor, we embrace each challenge as an opportunity for growth. With the promise of new beginnings symbolized by the acorn, we strive to create an environment that nurtures creativity, fosters collaboration, and builds a legacy of excellence. Our mission is to be a sanctuary for ideas, a haven for progress, and a catalyst for positive change in every endeavor we pursue.

Made up of a pair of long peninsulas, Coskata-Coatue (pronounced “co-skate-uh coat-oo”) Wildlife Refuge is both a popular warm-weather destination and a wild, remote barrier beach.

- thetrustees.org
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