Vendor management…keeping your ducks in a row.

Do you have a proper Vendor Management System (VMS) to maintain and organize the vendor list and reduce unforeseen issues?

Here are a few reasons why vendor master files continue to have errors:

  1. Batch or Real Time Interfaces
  2. Data Entry Errors
  3. Data Extraction
  4. Data Integration
  5. Data Loads
  6. Data Transformation
  7. Hardware or System Errors
  8. Legacy Error
  9. Expertise Loss
  10. Refinement Errors
  11. Unshared System Changes
  12. System Upgrades

It is widely accepted that the state of your vendor master file has a direct correlation with profits lost each month due to payment errors. We at Coatue systemize our client’s vendor list. Call us to discuss your VMS.

At Coatue we are here to help… always, in all-ways.