Welcome to Coatue Companies

Coatue Companies is a boutique real estate firm specializing in asset management, construction & development services and property management for investors, Owner-Operators, Family Offices and other High-Net worth Individuals who directly invest in commercial real estate. We take an immersive approach to enhancing the value of the investments of the clients we serve by providing real estate advisory services acting as an extension of their team.

Our Philosophy

Since 2015, Coatue Companies has developed real estate services and construction development solutions for clients across the eastern United States. Our team is made up of forward-thinking, passionate, individuals who understand the foundation of any great endeavor starts with resilient and strong relationships that include focused urgency and accountable excellence.

Our Core Values

Accountable Excellence

We mean what we say. We are responsible for our results and the results of our team. We hold ourselves to a high standard. We keep our word to each other, our clients, and our partners.

Inquisitive Resilience

We are inquisitive, resilient & relentless We enjoy problem solving We are open to learning and helping others even if it’s not our job

Focused Urgency

We move fast, and we respect deadlines. Don’t wait, take action, just go with precision. We are proactive and not reactive

Humble Confidence

We are a perfect blend of confidence and humility We treat each other with respect and empower others to do the same the best idea wins, and we are willing to learn from others

Emanates Professionalism

Our attire, attitudes and behaviors are contagious We create memorable first impressions and resilient long-lasting relationships How we show up matters as much as showing up
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