Our Team

The journey from taking on a new project to making it successful begins at Coatue Companies

We aim to provide outstanding services in family offices and trusts, construction and project management, business consulting and strategy, and personalized property management.

Scott Hechlik
Audra Cona
Chief Integration Officer
Jason Bain
Senior Construction Project Manager
Construction Operations Team >>
Trina Silenzi
Senior Property Manager
Property Operations Team >>

Construction Operations Team

Cindy Nance
Construction Management Operations
Marlon Matthews
Working Multitradesman
Jose Munoz
Working Superintendent, Michigan

Property Operations Team

Carla Gordon
Property Management Operations
Heather Bond
Assistant Property Manager
Elizabeth Ardeljan
Administrative Assistant
Doug Swain
Senior Building Engineer, Florida
Juan Salinas
Building Engineer, Florida
Justo Perez
Building Engineer, Florida
Steve Fraus
Building Engineer, Michigan

Business Development Team

David Spinelli
Business Development Manager
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